The MindQuest can perform the most challenged minds too! Strategy, logic, imagination – is it enough?


Act like a real action hero and fight against your biggest enemy: the time!


Just the best team can complete our missions, so be be prepared, and form a team now!

What is Mindquest and what do you have to know about us?

This is a gripping live adventure game in the heart of Budapest, on the top of an original ruin pub. You can choose among 3 playing areas. For more information about our rooms click to ’Missions’ option. You can get to your aim through varied tasks and hitches, and it is not going to be easy, while you can only rely on your own skills during the mission. It’s always up to you to recognize the next step, figure out the next useful movement and find out how can you use the objects and informations around you. While you have maximum 60 minutes to fulfill your misson, your biggest enemy is Time! Thousands already tried their best, now it’s your time! A number of the team can be up to 5 people, special equipment, clothing or preparation doesn’t needed. In case if you want to book more dates (eg. corporate events or larger groups of friends) we are also available by phone.

3-5 players: 10000 HUF/Team

2 players: 6000 HUF/Team


Reality is not always what you think it is!


After the Cold War, not all the secrets comes to light! A military leader’s office can provide a lot of mystery. Time is limited, since a devastating bomb ticking next to you in the room. Will you find and deactivate it in time? Just depends on you!


The biggest diamond in the world just arrived to the city, but before the public could admire it, a bank preserves it in its perfectly safe strong-room. You have one hour to break the security system and steal the diamond before the security guards find you!


The reality is not always the same as you think. From San Franciso’s alleys you have to get into the Matrix’s digital world before the computers take over the control. If you are fast and resourceful you might be able to destroy the evil program code!


In the jungles of South America, brave exprorers and scolars found a legend about a beast who was created by an ancient god. This beast called as Noo’zaca. The only aim of his existence was to bring doom and destrucion uppon the mankind. Because of his evilness, the other gods destroyed him and hide his residues into a sanctuary protected by ancient magic to deny him to come to life again.


To see available dates and to make a reservation, click on ’Book now’ below. A number of the team can be up to 5 people, special equipment, clothing or preparation doesn’t needed. In case if you want to booke more dates (eg. corporate events or larger groups of friends) we are also available by phone.

Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 13:00 - 1:00
In case of different demands please contact us!

3-5 players: 10 000 HUF/Team
2 players: 6000 HUF/Team

Please arrive 10 minutes before the game starts, in order to not cause any delay in the daily schedule!




The room escape games are a good choice for team building, because the missions can show the player’s formerly unknown side. It turns out if they can work together or there is a dissension between them. Who has the "leader’s vein"? Who is thorough and who is superficial? Who can see through the chaos, and who is able to reign over it? These are the questions that MindQuest gives useful answers for. This is a strategic game, which shows the aptitude of people. A team is not only valuable if the mission meets with success, the way how they solve the tasks is much more important!

Team building in our permanent rooms:
Currently, at our permanent location - in 3 different playing areas - 15 people are able to play at a time. In case of a larger group, the participants may come in several turns. While waiting for each other you can experience the original ruin pub atmosphere in Füve Udvar on the ground floor, where you can have a refreshing drink while playing table football, table tennis or billiard. We prepare your team's schedule and the order in which you started depending on the number of participants.

Outdoor events:
Since 2012, Mindquest organizes outdoor events - at temporary locations – based on the most important elements of the escaping room games. For large groups (over 40 people) we can organize such events, even bonded with a dinner or other programs. In such event, at the same time 80 people can be accommodated. A team-building program like this has that great benefit the aim or the frame story of the game is variable, it can be adapted to the company’s profile or the apropos of the event.

Unique promotional programs:
The room escape is an entirely new, yet barely exploited ground from marketing side, although it enjoys huge popularity worldwide. It is a perfect alternative to an audience attractive, unique marketing event. We undertake the creation of different games or complete events for advertising campaigns or product tours.
For the elaboration of the specifics and quotation request, please contact us by email or by phone!

Give the MindQuest adventure as a gift!

You can order a gift voucher, what you immediately get via email. You can print it out, and your unforgiven present for your loves is ready!
  You can choose from different vouchers:
2 people, standard design, 6000 HUF
Valid for one game (choose when book a game with this voucher) for 2 people.

2-5 people, standard design 10000 HUF
Valid for one game (choose when book a game with this voucher) for 2-5 people.

2 people, limited design 6000 HUF
Valid for one game (choose when book a game with this voucher) for 2 people.



Q: How many members can play as one team?
A: One team can be 2-5 people.

Q: How long are the games?
A: The time limit in all our games is 60 minutes.

Q: What’s the main goal of the game?
A: Your main goal is to complete your main objective in time, which is different in each game.

Q: Can we get help if we stucked in the game?
A: Yes, you can get some hints, however you can not ask for it. We are following your game through cameras and microphones so we can realize if you are stucked inside and we can give you several hints if its really necessary.

Q: What is the price for a game?
A: 3-5 people: 10.000 HUF; 2 people: 6000

Q: Where is MindQuest located?
A: We are in the city center, at the top of a famous ruin-bar called Füge Udvar. Address: Budapest, Klauzál street 19. zip: 1072

Q: What age is recommended to play?
A: We can recommend this activity for anyone, however for children under 14 parental supervision is required.

Q: Do we have to bring something special or wear special clothes?
A: Absolutely no.

Q: What if we dont speak in Hungarian?
A: That is not a problem, just please check in the „English speaking team” option when you book your game in our reservation system.