We offer different types of collaborative arrangements for pioneers who are looking for the right opportunity. As the second escape game of the world we have gained great experience during the years. It is based on this experience that we shaped our partnership model, which is suitable not only for novelty-seeking investors or businessmen wanting to start a side business, but is also a great opportunity for those who would like to set out to realize a truly novel idea.

What are our greatest strengths?

Thanks to our experience, we deliver to our partners not only a well-functioning business model with rapid returns and low investment capital, but we provide all the necessary infrastructure, tools and know-how from A to Z to start the business and make it a success. Our games and programs represent the highest category of the genre in the setting and the gameflow alike.

Based on this proven method we ensure that our future partners can be competitive and successful players in the dynamically developing segment of escape games from the very first moment.

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