Team building – team building game and problem solving together


Your team is new and cohesion is not strong enough? They work together but they don’t know one another outside work? It’s a tight-knit team, but they have never played together with nothing at stake? You need a new attitude, new ideas or new methods? MindQuest provides a team building experience, in which trust in one another gets stronger during the game, getting to know the others smooths away supposed or real oppositions, and real team work evolves already in the first 5 minutes of the game.

For smaller team building events we offer our permanent rooms (5 × 5 member teams at a time), for larger corporate team building or marketing events we are happy to prepare an on-site, unique concept, build the challenges and conduct the program at the location of your choice. 

1., Team building in our permanent rooms

Currently at our downtown Budapest location we offer 5 different challenges, available for maximum 5 member teams, so altogether 25 people can play in our rooms at a time. In case of a larger group, the participants may come in several turns. While waiting for each other you can experience the original ruin pub atmosphere in Füge Udvar on the ground floor, where you can have a refreshing drink and play table football, table tennis or billiards. We prepare your teams’ schedule and the order of the groups depending on the number of participants.

Team building

Team building

„MindQuest’s escape rooms do not only provide a great recreation, but make the teams get together in a fantastic way.” Anikó Béres, CSR and internal communications manager, Immochan 

Contact Gina who is happy to help with choosing dates and challenges. 

2., Public entertainment at promotional events


You are planning a promotional campaign? You would like to give the audience a lasting experience in a way that they connect it to your brand? You want the brand experience to live long in the memory of your target group, and that they share it with friends and in social media?

We design a unique concept of games for you based on escape rooms and logical tasks, tailored to a brand or to campaign goals, and of course we realize them on-site and conduct the programs. We have long years of experience in this, be it about easy-to-solve short games, or complex ones.

If you work at an agency, we can help you invent a unique, loveable program for your client. If you are the brand manager or campaign manager, you are at the best place: in a process similar to what agencies do we can help you create an experience for your target group out of the briefs.


A whole escape room hidden in a box, for MOL Group.

Contact Gergő, so that you can present a great idea. 

Before you ask for a proposal, an offer or an appointment from us, we recommend that you try one of our escape rooms at our downtown location. If you haven’t tried it before, you are sure to come up with lots of great ideas afterwards, and you immediately can see why the eyes of your audience will shine at your own event.