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We are an official ESN Card Partner from now on!

We are more than happy to announce to all of our dear escape game fans that, according to our recent agreement with ESN Corvinus, MindQuest has become an official ESN Card Partner !!

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What does this exactly mean?

From now on, anyone who is a member of the ESN community and is a membership card holder can play with 20% discount at any of our escape rooms. Moreover, at MindQuest you can use the discount unlimitedly, so you can play in all of our 5 rooms – with different story and difficulty – 20% cheaper. Since ESN is an international organization linking universities and countries across the world, the benefit is available not only to ESN members studying Corvinus, but to anyone holding an ESN card, regardless of nationality, age or university. And not the least, if you play at MindQuest, the after-game beer is solved as well, as our escape game complex is located on the first floor of a popular ruin pub – the Füge Udvar – which also locates a gaming house and the huge Füge basement with ping pong, table football, billiards and with every bar game you can imagine. So, after the escape game, all you have to do is walk down one (or two) floors and you can continue to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

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