The MindQuest Gaming Center

When we entered the escape room business with our own escape room brand, and we have always believed in our ability to create something marvelous in the entertainment industry. we used the visual design of computer logic games, the adventures of the great action movies of our childhoods and the personal side of roleplaying games, and meld them together.

It turns out that we were right: many people want to experience a game like this as since its opening MindQuest has offered adventurous experiences for teams of friends and companies alike.

The Idea

We’ve been proudly running MindQuest since 2013, and from the really beginning we work with our own production and manufacturing equipments. Moreover, during the years we have built a laboratory for micro-electric research and a workshop for painting and sculpting in order to be able to build the best quality escape rooms. And this is where our idea of Escape Game Builders came from. We’ve decided to start a totally different project to help others to bring their escape room ideas to life.

The Escape Game Builders

The aim of the cooperation between our two brands was to assist our partners with a smooth technical operation and also to support external orders. The Escape Game Builders is fully dedicated to bring you a stable and successful business through the perfect game experience. As our partner, you can rely on our proven method in this dynamically developing segment. Almost uniquely in the escape game industry, we offer a complete service that includes the construction, from creating the escape room floor plan to the turnkey facility. We have an extensive and deep knowledge of designing, setting up and operating escape games that we will happily share with you!

Escape Game Builders workflow
Escape Game Builders workflow

Let’s partner up!

We are running several partner-programs around the globe with different types of collaborative solutions for our partners. If you are a real opportunity-seeker and interested in a possible future partnership or just want to learn more about how you can be part of an escape room franchise, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll gladly help you to make your own escape room business!

If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity check out the Escape Game Builders website!

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