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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about escape rooms and MindQuest:

Q: What is an escape room? What is the aim of the game?
The goal in an escape room game is to complete the mission with the help of the game elements, objects and the information obtained through them within a given time. MindQuest offers 5 unique escape games with different themes and difficulty levels.

Q: What is a padlock-free escape room?
A :
Padlock-free escape rooms are the latest generation of escape rooms. These game spaces are completely free of any padlocks. Every lock opens in an alternative way with the help of voice, light or touch sensors specially developed for each task or riddle in the escape game.

Q: How many people can play in an escape room at a time?
As this is a team game, at least 2 people are necessary to complete the escape room mission. The MindQuest recommended maximum number of team members is 6. When booking, please consider that the game for teams over 6 members may become less dynamic and less fun.

Q: How long is an escape game?
AYou’ve got 60 minutes to complete each escape room mission.

Q: Can we get any help during the escape game?
Every escape room is equipped with a video and sound system for safety and assistance reasons (no recording is made). This way we can give you hints through messages and images on the screens placed in the game space if we find it necessary.

Q: What is the price of an escape room game?
A2 players: 7 500 HUF
     3 players: 10 000 HUF
     4-5 players: 15 000 HUF
     6 players: 17 000 HUF
If you want to come with a big company of friends or would like to organize company events, team buildings, please ask for our special offers.

Q: Where can I find MindQuest?
We are located in the heart of district VII of Budapest, on the upper floor of Füge Udvar, 19. the address is 19. Klauzál u. Budapest. Should you find the main gate closed, please ring the doorbell with the MindQuest sign.

Q: Can I take my kids to play with us in the escape room? Is there an age limit in the escape games?
A: Yes! Of course, no age group is kept away from the fun! ☺ However, it is worth considering the age and skills of your child when you book an escape game. Ask yourself the questions: is the kiddo already able to comprehend basic logical relationships, can the child solve complex tasks, keep focus for an hour without getting bored? If the answer is yes, he or she will surely have a great time at MindQuest. ☺ You can find escape games in our selection which has the “child-friendly” label, these are the ones we recommend to teams with kids.

Under the age of 14 parental guidance is mandatory.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or clothing in the escape rooms?
No, you do not need any special equipment or clothing to be able to safely and successfully complete the escape room missions.

Q: Can I play the escape game in other languages?
Yes, all our escape room games are available in English too. If you want to play an English-speaking game, you can simply let us know by checking the “I’d like to play in English” box on the booking form.

If you have questions that remain unanswered, contact us and we will be happy to answer!

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