escape room experience as a gift

Is there a birthday, an anniversary or other special occasion coming up in your company of friends? Or you would just like to take a break from the monotonous everyday life? You do not need to worry anymore about what special and unique gift would fit the event. If you want to give a truly creative gift, surprise your loved ones (including yourself) with an hour spent together in an adventure game – Give escape room experience for a gift. You know it well that the best you can give is quality time spent together. This is such a creative gift that will definitely be remembered by the one you give it to. Buying a gift card is simple and quick. You can order our gift card on our web page through a few clicks, the payment transaction is also the question of moments and you can immediately start printing your gift card. You’ll only need a pair of scissors and a pretty envelope and you can hold your creative and unique gift in your hand. During the purchase process, you can quickly book an escape game with an automatically generated code in the MindQuest system.

For 2 people


For 2-5 people

For 2-6 people

date gift card

xmas voucher For 2 people

xmas voucher for 2-3 people

xmas voucher for 2-5 people

xmas voucher for 2-6 people

You can also buy our gift cards in persona at the MindQuest headquarters. Address: 19. Klauzál street, Budapest, 1072.

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