The best teambuilding activity in Budapest

Are you looking for the perfect place to organize your company team building? Are you thinking of a place where, besides taking part in a truly creative teambuilding game which can forge your people together, the program before and after the teambuilding is organized for you? Then you just at the right place at MindQuest!

You can use 5 escape room games in the MindQuest realm which means that altogether 30 people can play at a time. If you want to play in turns the number of possible players can be multiplied. Our escape room complex featuring 5 different games is located on the upper floor of an authentic ruin pub, so the place makes it possible for us to offer you the following:

  • Food is provided by Deep Burger

We can guarantee that you won’t find a better place for your teambuilding. You have nothing else to do but to choose MindQuest and leave the arrangements to us, so you can lean back any fully enjoy the time you spend as our guests. Ask for our unique offer on phone: +36 20 354 8778 or by email:

Why is an escape room game the best teambuilding activity?

It is generally known that people can be the most effective in using their skills and expertise if they can work together in a team. Team work, helping each other, the creative utilization of one’s competences and a good atmosphere at the workplace are inevitable factors for a company to be successful. This is why professional companies spend time, money an energy on helping their employees develop through team building activities. While working on different missions in the escape rooms the participants are “forced” to practice the above-mentioned competences. The healthy stress created during the escape game, the time limit, the various kinds of special tasks, which require creativity, observation skills, adaptation and logical thinking, all incite the team members to work together. Situations like this help the participants to bring their hidden skills to the surface, motivate cooperation and provoke quick and effective decision making as a group. Completing an escape room mission requires the full participation of every team member – there is no individual success but only team success. This is why we can bravely state that you cannot find a better teambuilding activity than an escape room game.

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